BOOKING CONDITIONS – S.C.R. Centralized Reservations System will facilitate your reservation and confirmation of this as long as the requirements are met in full. The bookings will be confirmed by the owner of the establishment it will be considered as pre-booking until such confirmation. Centralized system establishes a two-way communication between the user and the owner of the establishment regulated by Decree 120/1998 of October 6, the Regulation of Tourist Accommodation in Rural Areas, the Ministry of Environment, Planning and Tourism, as amended by Decree 4/2000 of February 25th., establishing the various rights and duties. on price management, reserves and complementary services. The pre-booking has a term of three days from the date on which the request is made square. Once entered the amount as an advance reservation goes directly to be giving the user an identification number (Locator) so you can come directly to your booking to modify or cancel. * Failure to meet this requirement of advance payment of the pre-booking disappears thereby releasing the room or rooms for new customers. When initially advance to book a place in a rural property shall be entered the percentage indicated by the owner of the total price of the booked stay. Upon receipt of the amount corresponding to advance, the owner shall inform the client confirmation specifying the following: date of entry and exit, number of reserved places, number of rooms and total price, as well as the regime applicable in the case the possible cancellation. Cancellations At all times the user can cancel the services contracted to be entitled to reimbursement of the amounts they had paid and compensating the establishment as to the amounts indicated below: The amount of compensation will be calculated by applying the following percentages to the advance payment required. 5% if the cancellation is made more than 30 days in advance. 40% if cancellation is 30 days or less and more than 15. 60% do if the cancellation is made 15 or fewer days and more than 7. 100% when you do with 7 or less days in advance. Booking confirmation. After satisfying the requirements of advance your reservation will be maintained until 20 pm the day that appears on your booking arrival. If the client’s arrival does not occur and there is no communication for confirmation by any means (phone, email, fax) from 20:00 hours the owner may have the room or rooms booked. * Centralized Reservation System, gives the opportunity to book online and offline can in some cases cause overbooking, in this case given priority bookings from control block. Going online booking customer waiting list. The tariffs rates marked the specific conditions of reserve each. room availability is subject to the requirements of full accommodation, without this causing any inconvenience to the customer. Data protection: In compliance with the provisions of the Organic Law Regulating the Automatic Processing of Personal Data (LORTAD), the data you enter during the booking process will be incorporated into an automated file whose ownership belongs to the owner of the reserved accommodation. Your data will be used and processed for the purposes of managing and promoting the accommodation, having established appropriate measures to protect its confidentiality. The rights of access, modification and cancellation of the personal data stored explicitly recognized. To exercise these rights, you can contact the Accommodation mediente email or telephone.

Conditions of use:

For reservation:

– Prepayment of 25% of the total amount

– The remaining 75% will be paid upon arrival.


– Check in time: from 16:00 pm to 20:00 pm (flexible check).

– Check-out time at 11:00 h.

Conditions of use:

– A greater number of the employed persons will not be admitted.

– Please respect the peace of other users.

– The duration of the accommodation will be counted for days or days according to the number of overnight stays.

– No pets